In life “knowing how” is just as important as “knowing that”. Art and Craft introduces students to a range of intellectual and practical skills. Through these opportunities students learn to appreciate and value the different forms of creative work.


An ethical education to follow the good and right principles of life is required for every child. Basic principles like punctuality, honesty, charity, tolerance, love, kindness, sympathy etc., are taught as part of Value Based Education.


“Dance is a conversation between body and soul”. It is a great way to connect emotionally with an audience. It teaches discipline, focus and also acts as fitness regime. It also develops creativity and imagination among students.

Literary Clubs

“The powers of mind are like rays of sun dissipated”. Drama, Collage making, speaking on a given topic, poetry writing etc., gives students opportunities to express their thoughts and develop skills to speak their minds in different ways.

Science Club

Science lab is a place where students explore science. Our vidyalaya has Physics, Chemistry lab which improvises the quest for science among children. AGNI’s IGNITE team has also visited our vidyalaya and the students from Grade 7-9 had actively participated and had own prizes.

Yoga Dhin

Yoga dhin was observed in our Vidyalaya on International Yoga day. Students, mentors & parents participated in the programme. The programme created an awareness on the benefits of yoga.

Guru Poornima

To emphasise the role of gurus, Guru Poornima a day sacred to the memory of the great sage Veda Vyasa was celebrated in our Vidyalaya.

Vidya Pravesh

An attitude of caring, respect for parents is firmly embedded in the child’s mind by celebrating Vidya Pravesh, a unique function confined to the students and parents of std 6. The highlight of this programme is the students prostrating before their parents and seeking their blessings.

Vana Mahautsav

To create an awareness about environment and de-forestation, Vana Mahautsav was celebrated in the school Sri.Neelamadevanandha, Ramakrishna Mutt, the Chief Guest addressed the gathering and insisted on the students role in taking care of the environment.

Independence Day

To commemorate the 68th Independence Day, the Tricolor was hoisted by the Chief Guest Sri.A.Rajaram, M.D., Hi-Tech Guarding Pvt Ltd.

Krishna Jayanthi

Children’s day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya with great fanfare with the kindergarten kids dressed as Lord Krishna.

Gayatri Yagam

For the welfare of the students and the development of the school Gayatri Yagnam was performed at our Vidyalaya with the help of Smt.Kasthuri from Gayatri Parivar.

Dengue Awareness

Dengue awareness program was conducted in the school to create an awareness among students regarding the cause and prevention of the disease.

Vinayagar Chadurthi

A very auspicious day celebrated in our Vidyalaya to pray to Lord Vinayaga, the God of knowledge, so that every new activity that is started, is successfully completed without any obstacles.