History of School

SRF Vidyalaya was started in 1991 with 20 students and 2 teachers in the SRF Community centre, Manali. The present building was inaugurated by Dr.Arun Bharath Ram, Chairman SRF Limited, on 24th February, 1994 with classes from *PPPL-1 to V std. From then on SRFV has expanded into a full-fledged high school with a strength of 785 students. SRF Foundation fascinated by the core competencies of Vivekananda Educational Trust, requested the Trust, in the year 2015 to run the Vidyalaya.

*PPPL - 1 indicates Pre-Primary Program Level 1

*PPPL - 2 indicates Pre-Primary Program Level 2


Future Plan

Construct New Building

To construct new building for further expansion to accommodate the growing demands of the community.