Beyond Curriculum


Arts and craft gives a rich experience to the students and create interests in them. Students experience different types of arts like:

  • Stitching
  • Embroidery
  • Jewellery making
  • Paper money out of waste
  • Gift items to gift their friends and relatives
  • Tying flowers in crepe papers

Visual Arts

Drawings, puppet dominate the domain in our vidyalaya students learn drawing by a well experienced artist and how to draw different types of drawing like:

  • Pencil drawing – free hand drawing
  • Pencil shading
  • Paintings – color pencil, Agrilic, Poster color, water color.
  • Stencil work

Students are very much interested in their own creativity using pencil drawing and stencil work

Performing arts

Students perform arts like Yoga, Music, Dance. Students are given chance to choose their interested areas and they learn it.

  • Yoga class begins with the Yoga Mantra and it combines the power of Mind, Body, Athma.Yoga aids Memory power, Concentration, physical fitness.
  • Bharathanatiyam, our traditional dance form is given to our students in its pristine form. The basic steps and Muthras are taught upto the Grade VIII. Different types of dance performance like Kollatam, Mayilattam, Karakam, Kavadi are performed by the students during different occasions.
  • Students practice Music during the music class and perform during occasions.

Educational tours and field trips

It can connect school work with the real world, making it useful, tangible and memorable. The field trip stimulates questions and ideas. Field trips also provide an experiential text for students to study and intrrogate.

Service Programmes

Our Vidyalaya has adopted the nearby village and we render - educational support in the form of free tuitions for the needy and poor, health awareness programme. Service activities forms the vital aspect of our curriculum and the students love to involve themselves in such a nation building task. Our students regularly visit old age homes, orphanages, home for the destitute and understand them.