History of School

It gives us immense proud & pleasure to be the pioneers of “Man-Making Education” as profounded by Swami Vivekananda. The Vidyalaya took its inception in June’ 1992 at Lakshminagar – Mudichur, with 27 students & 5 teachers with its altruistic vision, catering to the less privileged children. The school was then relocated to the current premises at Mudichur on 18th August 1996 and after the adoption of the School by Sri. S. Badalchand Chordia Trust, we were able to construct a block of 5 classrooms.


Future Plan

Senior Secondary

To upgrade the school in a Senior Secondary School in the near future.

To retain the uniqueness

To retain the uniqueness of the traits of Maharishi Sukha , Guru Sandipani and Swami Vivekananda in our children and contribute useful, futuristic citizens to our country, who will endeavour towards the ultimate goal of regaining the prominence, pre-eminence and the non pareil status of this Holy land of Bharat as the Guru of the comity of world nations.


Examination will be conducted without the invigilators, student they themselves master their own things and come out as honest citizens of tomorrow.