SEWA - Any physical act performed for and resulting in the gain of others

The term defines "selfless" as that which is not performed primarily for ones own benefit and "work" analogous to "useful service" simply as any physical act resulting in gain.

SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action)

SEWA will develop social consciousness of the learners through simple meaningful work at the individual level and actions at a cohort level.

Club activity

To enhance the intellectual, spiritual, communication skills and to reinforce students interest and ideas the following club activities are conducted.

  • Literary club
    Drama, roleplay, puzzle ,story writing are conducted to develop creative thinking,oratory skills among the students.
  • Math club
    Students develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning by solving problems, puzzles.
  • Science club
    Students exhibit science project, demonstrate simple experiments which will provide opportunity for development of constructive, explorative and inventive faculties of the students.
  • Heritage club
    Debate , quizzes, discussion Visuals of historical monuments will impart the knowledge of historical importance understand the challenges in its conservation and preservation.