Class room

The ambience in the classroom for the learners is colourful and sets the right mood for learning. The classrooms are adequately equipped with developmentally appropriate resources ergonomically designed furniture for the comfort of the children, learning and teaching material, display boards, etc. Each classroom is provided with state-of-the-art of Specktron digital display boards to promote visual based teaching and the students are always kept engrossed through interactive teaching methodology that ensures their active involvement.

Digital library

To germinate the reading habit in the heart of our future “Citizens”. Vidyalaya has well equipped digital library where, all the significant literary , artistic and scientific works of mankind will be digitally preserved and made freely available to all the students.

Science Laboratory

To make our young minds think on rational lines to realize the potential of scientific thought and logic we are providing science lab facilities, that help the students to pursue science as a career.

Math Laboratory

Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. We provide state of the art Math Lab facilities to nurture our young minds with logic and intuition, analysis, generality and individuality.


“To make young minds successful in today’s world and any morrows workplace, by imparting 21st century skills using appropriate and relevant technology” With this in our mind we prepare our “Digital Natives” by providing well–equipped computers with LAN ,BroadBand and Internet connections.

Health Hub

Our Vidyalaya has a full equipped health hub and well-trained health educator to facilitate motherly health care to our students and referral services on health issues.


The school has an effective, hassle-free transport service connecting every neighbourhood of Thiruninravur. A fleet of First-class vehicles has been pressed into operation to provide service within a radius of 7 km. Every van has a custodian for the convenience of the students at the boarding and debarkation points. Each van has a well-equipped first aid box in case of any emergency.


Children's Day

I enjoyed all the programme in our school. Especially Dance, Bhajan and games conducted for the pre-primary students was excellent. -Smt R.K.Selvi, Anthony Nagar, Thiruninravur

Special Assembly

I admire the concept and movement of the Vivekananda School, apart from Academic, they are concentrate on all other activities which leads to Zenith level. All the best to staffs and students. Very good admin. - R.Prasanna, Bhavani Nagar, Thiruninravur