A good teacher can occur only by a series of well structured, result oriented training which by itself can serve as an evolutionary process to mould teachers with our expected traits. We are willing to extend our wings for “Uniqueness in Vidya Seva” by establishing the non pareil Educational Teacher training & Research Institute to mould teachers.

What does VETRI do?

  • Instillation of a symbiotic association between the teachers and the institution
  • Inculcating competency in ideal teaching methodologies specific for our chain of institutions and other like-minded institutions.
  • Uncompromising permeation of the essence of “Bharatiya Culture” i.e. Sanaadhana Dharma.
  • Forbidding the intrusion of western culture, which is now the pavilion that’s maximizing at rapid pace through international schools.

How does VETRI work?

  • VETRI would enable teachers to ponder upon, explore into and arrive at the inevitable answers of why? How! When? & What? of the teaching vocation, making them the best Gurus the children of today need!
  • ‘Ek shikshak kabi sadharan nahi hota’ – Chanakya
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